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Switch D-Link 48xGbit(PoE) + 4SFP Gest. (DGS-1210-52MP)
  • Switch D-Link 48xGbit(PoE) + 4SFP Gest. (DGS-1210-52MP)

Switch D-Link 48xGbit(PoE) + 4SFP Gest. (DGS-1210-52MP)

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IGIC incluido



  • Gestión Advanced Layer 2 y Layer 3 Static Routing

  • Interface Command Line Interface (CLI) y Web GUI

  • Routing estático y MSTP

  • Opciones PoE, PoE+ y Uplinks fibra óptica

  • Dual image & Dual config files.


Green Technology

• Link status detection

• Port shut-off

• System hibernation

• Time-based PoE (PoE models only)

Security Features

• Access Control Lists (ACLs)

• D-Link Safeguard Engine protects the CPU from broadcast/multicast/unicast flooding

• Port Security supports up to 64 MAC addresses per port

• ARP Spoofing Prevention

• Smart Binding Intuitive Management

• D-Link Network Assistant (DNA) utility or multilingual Web UI

• Built-in SNMP MIB for remote NMS (D-View 7.0)

• Compact Command Line Interface (CLI) throughTelnet Advanced Features

• Static route

• Surveillance Mode

• Auto Voice VLAN

• Dual software images

• Dual configuration files

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Switch D-Link 48xGbit(PoE) + 4SFP Gest. (DGS-1210-52MP)


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